Probably a whole load of shit thats copied from somewhere/someone, and is truly inspiring to absolutely no one. Set the slate high, and everything underneath it is fail. Take your failure as an advantage and turn that slate into a roof. Nothing more. Nothing less. Graphic Designer in the midst of it all. Passions in National Hunt Racing with an open mind of solace and illusions. Only a dream until a reality. No more bullshit; you can probably go now.


Oyler Market by Alex Chernault

School assignment consisting of brand identity for a conceptual Central Texas style barbecue restaurant and craft brewery.


Ozan Akkoyun / Turkey

Identity design project for an interdisciplinary creative network called Federation, founded in 2014 and based in İstanbul. A subtle dynamic identity to represent different individuals and talents in the network.
Changing upper and lowercase letters together with he usage of the differing punctuation marks represent the variability of creative solutions under a solid philosophy.